Young Nightwing

by Lyle Omolayo

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"Young Nightwing flying on a grappler, change uniform now enigma is a rapper"

This is the illustrious return of our hero Lyle Omolayo, previously known as "mc enigma" of Negros Americanos. Listen to our hero battling foes and slicing through the bull with truth as his dagger. Produced by $JAYY
Dry Season coming Spring 2017


the home team stay winning
and if they try to hit him wore a
derray mckesson
I pull ya card before the 9th inning
I got a team
plus deshawn supreme the mic bender
represent the real plainfield
from panama to motherland
you shook couldn’t watch for the hook
I hit the brotherman
Attack of the clones
when they flip on the jedi
I get on the red eye
ya almost hit in the head by
can’t tell where it come from
its a mobile suit
it’s a gundamn
lumped up KO’ed leaking on the floor
while you hear the final countdown
looking for some quarters
a random half of yalls
ramna 1/2
not that there’s anything wrong with that
do you
and I’ma stick to my roots
like questlove and lenard hubbard chewing a root
roots and a reggae
peace to Nneka you inspire me
and Abiodun I am never retiring
whenever I’m rhyming try
to give ya something
substance or sustenance what will you bring

young knightwing
flying with a grappler
change uniform
now enigma is a rapper
living in the future but our children are regressing
living in the future but our children are regressing

i don’t often agree with ebro
but look yo
a lotta yall get in off your looks
where ya hooks go?
where ya flow go ?
never had it just a photo
genic degenerate
get explicit on ya promo
tional video
ass and titty flow
I’m from plainfield
the queen city yo
she’d never
watch arsenio
hall at all
love and hip hop
choose a jezebel that you’re admiring
I’m omolayo and
never gassed like gomer pyle in
the club or discotec
see her kissing on the neck
of a dj you respect
then they get to having sex

now she think
that's how you play to win
give up skins
but won’t get no spins
they pull the okey dokey
hokey pokey strokey strokey
for a ring around the rosey
legs become the red sea to moses
exploitive and corrosive
watch you ingest
for real ya overdosing
i dethrone a trojan
with adamantium of logan




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Negros Americanos Panama, Panama

​Negros Americanos is a bilingual hip hop collective comprised of
mc enigma & bixop hailing from NJ and formed after a year of living in Panama. These two emcee/ songwriters are dedicated to raising the bar in music, experimenting with international blends and exploring topics often overlooked or taboo in hip hop. We aim to ENTERTAIN, EDUCATE and EMPOWER! ... more


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